Sandenol Semarang

Jual Sandenol

Jual Sandenol  is Oriental Fougere Chypre Muguet Fixative. Sandenol 3-Isocamphylcyclohexanol (mixture of isomers) : 2(3,4)-Terpenylcyclohexanols : Indisan : Isobornylcyclohexanol : Mysorol : Rhodanthial : Sandarome : Sandela : Sandenol : Sandiff : Santal A : Santalex T : Santalyol II Jual Sandenol This product is used for cosmetic commodities, such as soap, scouring, perfume and others and some industrial aroma, volatile volatile aroma, Its color is colorless in yellowish viscous liquid, its color does not exceed standard color solution No. 6 color code. Frangrance Similar to natural sandalwood fracture. Bias level (20 ° C): 1.5050 ~ 1.5100 Color difference test
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