Jual Gum Rosin

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Jual Gum rosin is another name for Gondorukem . It is a solid component from the process of refining pine sap or oleoresin. In the distillation proces volatile essential oils are also produced. The utilization is very much, especially for various basic industries ranging from the paper industry, additive materials, printing industry, automotive industry, electronic equipment, paint, cosmetics, batik, etc.

Jual Gum Rosin

In the market the commodities processed for pine sap are divided into 4 grades, namely grade X (rex), grade WW (white water), grade WG (window glass), and grade N (nancy). What is clear from the four grades must meet the A quality with less than 2% dirt content and less than 3% moisture content. Gum Rosin

jual  Rosin The proces of making Before gondorukem is produced, pine sap will get a series of processes. Starting from the dilution of pine sap by adding turpentine to facilitate the separation of impurities with the sap. By obtaining the right dilution concentration, the sap in the form of the solution is left to stand for several minutes. jual damar

Various types of dirt will settle and water drops down because the density is heavier. After this deposition process is considered sufficient, it is only necessary to carry out sewage and water removal.

Jual Gum rosin ww grade

The next step is making gum rosin , which is cooking pine resin. At this stage of the proces, parts of Gondoruken and Turpentine oil will be separated. There are two techniques that can be applied, namely direct heating and indirect heating techniques. At the stage of the proces in the refining tank, it is the determinant of the results of gondorukem and turpentine produced. Jual Guar Gum Jakarta

Jual Gum Rosin WW Grade

Jual Rosin gum Is it good or bad quality. That’s why it takes precision and skills during the cooking proces. Even though the pine sap produced is good, but when it enters the cooking proces it doesn’t go well, the results are even inferior. The resulting Gondorukem has a soft point that is too low, warmth occurs, or crystallization occurs. Jual Gum Rosin Jakarta

Some things that gum must be really taken into account during the cooking process, among others: when rosin gum  heating must be done in stages, regulating vacuum pressure, keeping not too large the vapor pressure number of the pressure steam (open steam). The same is true in the case of heating temperatures and canning temperatures which must be kept not too high. Perform all settings at optimal conditions according to the ability and capacity of the distillation machine used. This is why skills and skills machine operators really determine the quality of the gondorukem and turpentine produced. Jual Gum Rosin Jakarta

Supplier Distributor Gum rosin ww Grade Indonesia

Rosin gum  is a solid form with colors ranging from clear yellow to dark yellow. While turpentine is a liquid with clear colors. Quality or quality is determined by color, soft spot, and impurities. Indonesia itself has standardized the quality of processed pine resin products. In the world of commerce, known quality groups I, quality II, quality II, and local quality. One of the best gondorukem producing areas in Indonesia is South Sulawesi. Both production capacity and quality have been proven. Jual Xanthan Gum Jakarta

Utilization of rosin gum The utilization that is commonly known by many people is in the process of making batik. When coloring, the batik dips the dye that has been mixed with Gondorukem. When inscribed on a cloth, it will stick to the cloth. Then the cloth is heated while washing to dissolve the Gondorukem. Later the ones left behind are the results of writing or scratches. The batik industry in the archipelago is very numerous and spread in various regions so that demand for Gondorukem is always high and continuous. Jual Gum Rosin Jakarta

Harga Gum rosin Murah

In the electronics industry,  rosin gum  acts as a flux precursor commonly used when soldering. When the solder process takes place, hot tin contains 1% rosin as a flux core which will help drain the molten metal thus minimizing the presence of oxide in the tin freezing process. The results of solderan will mature, strong, and look neatly shiny.

In the pharmaceutical field, gondorukem and its derivative products can form a layer or film that is good for tablets and capsules. Besides that, it can help the process of formulating microcapsules and nanoparticles in the process of making drugs. In the food industry, glycerol esters, sorbitol, mannitol which are the basic components of rosin are the basic ingredients in the process of making gum.

Jual Gum rosin di Jakarta Bandung Semarang Jogja Surabaya

In the paint industry and its derivatives, rosin gum is used as a base for making various paints and lubricating oils. For example, paint for door frames made from wood. Another example, oil paint used by painters. Turpentine is the best solvent for these types of oil paint.

By knowing the process of making and utilizing rosin gum or gondorukem, it is appropriate that this non-timber forest product can support the welfare of the community. High economic values, ranging from only pine resin, then processed into gondorukem, then processed again into basic materials for various industries, up to the products that we usually use everyday.